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Mr. John Paul Opuko is the Director of the school. He has Managerial skills and Human Resource expertise having served under different capacities before taking the school leadership early 2012. Commonly referred to many as 'JP', he blends well with both the young and the old. He has succeeded to put the school at greater heights and currently networks with schools in Sweden and the USA. His close association with friends in Europe, UAE and USA has put the school in the global map.
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Mrs Sofia Mukatia brings in a motherly love and vast experience in the education field. Having served at RedRose for more than 10 years, she understands the dynamics and challenges of the school. She is a great team player, offers advisory opinions on matters education and serves as the Deputy Head Teacher and Pre-School teacher respectively. When it comes to outdooor games and co-curricular activities, she is the best.
Godfrey Kiptanui is the current Head Teacher having joined the school in the year 2014. He is in charge of leading other teachers and making sure all provisions are available. He is a firm believer of equity to all the students despite their social status.
Meet the School Chairman, Mr. Enos Orongo Otieno. He is a seasoned community mobilizer and a parent since the inception of the school. He understands the dynamics of what parents go through and the school's success can never be acknowledged without mentioning his name. Through his networks, the school has steadily grown both in academics and population
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Fundraising is a key component when it comes to financial management and smooth running of the school. Geofrey Ochieng has steadily and consistently made sure that the global world is beyond reach to the school. With making sure that there is a strategic plan in place, the school is able to do a well planned program making sure nothing stalls.