Our School Administration


Sponsor a child

$25 a month could provide one child in Kibera the opportunity to receive high quality education and provide a perspective, which will offer him or her the chance at a better future. As a donor you will be paired with a student, who will keep you updated on his or her progress.

Help support a teacher

Currently, teacher can often not be paid by the end of the month. A mere $200 a month could cover one teacher's salary. Each donor will be assigned a teacher whom they can write to receive updates throughout the year. Fellow teachers are encouraged to provide mentorship to our staff.

Give a donation

There are many more ways in which you could support our school. You could help us pay for the food program, books, rent, extracurricular activities blackboards, etc. Please donate whichever amount you feel is appropriate - we will highly appreciate any support you can give us.


As a small school with big ambitions, we need volunteers to help us grow. There are many ways you can help, from giving a talk about our work, to sharing your skills, spending some time at the school or helping in our office.

Corporate Support

As a corporate partner, your staff will help us improve the education for the most vulnerable children in Kibera. Your staff can help through donations, fundraising or a Give As Your Earn scheme.