Red Rose School

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Our History

Red Rose School in Kibera was founded in the year 1998 by Mrs. Gertrude Wafula, former Headteacher of Olympic and Ayany primary schools respectively.

Our Location

Red Rose School is located at Olympic estate in Kibera, Nairobi- Kenya. It's geographical setting places it in the second largest urban slum in Africa. The slum has a population of about 700,000 comprising nearly all the 42 tribes in Kenya, majority of who live on close to $1.25 a day.

Our Curriculum

Today, the school boasts of 420 students 12 classes, a new computer lab, and a library stocked with over 800 books. We are proud to have students who have excelled academically and are in good performing secondary schools e.g. Precious Blood Riruta, Mukumu Boys, Rapogi Boys, Asumbi Girls School just to mention but a few. We have music lessons and an art project where kids can explore their talent and display it to the outside world.


Our Focus

With ‘Quality Education For All’ as our school motto, we envision a society that is not just academically rich but morally upright and self-reliant. Our focus remains steadfast on vulnerable kids, Orphans and those living with HIV. These children need a safe haven. Getting a High school with boarding facilities is our dream as the transition rate ... Read more

What we are

The Red Rose School was opened to offer disadvantaged and vulnerable children a place to receive primary education. Since Red Rose gets no government funding, families make incredible sacrifices to make sure these kids get equal opportunity to quality education. The school networks to get sponsors and friends in supporting these children through elementary school.
As a non-formal school, Red Rose is registered with the Ministry of Education-Kenya and the Department of Child Welfare and Social Services. Currently, the enrolment statistics stands at 420 (224 girls and 196 boys).